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Things I always have when camping

Things I always have when camping:

John and I love to camp! These things are on my must have list:

  1. A waterproof tent- a good tent is a min of 1000mm, but 10,000mm is the best. The higher the rating the better (this is a smaller version of ours)

  2. A good camping stove-we have a Coleman gas stove

  3. Great cooler

  4. An outstanding air mattress- if you don't sleep well, you want enjoy camping (we have a queen that is double height)

  5. Good lighting- we have several battery operated lanterns, flashlights and headlamps

  6. Sturdy chairs- sitting around the campfire is usually the best family time so you want to be comfortable

  7. Fan-we have battery operated fans that we hang from the top of our tent during hot weather. It keeps the air moving and makes the hot nights more comfortable

  8. Heater-this is a must if you are camping in cold weather. We have a small gas heater for our tent at night

  9. Camping table-check to see if your site will have a table before you arrive.

  10. First aid kit- this is so important. I have used one almost every time.

  11. Hanging toiletry bag for the shower. LLBean has a great one. Nothing worse than carrying a wet plastic caddy back to a tent.

  12. And finally, this is a new one for us, a portable toilet. It is amazing! Not having to hike to a bathroom or deep into the woods in the middle of the night is priceless.

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