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The only "Our's Child"- The Miniature Poodle

The only “Our’s Child” The miniature Poodle”.-So....... naturally you get a puppy when your last child leaves for college? Right? Uhh...Well Watson was born on February 3rd, 2019. We went to see him every 2 weeks until he could be brought home at 10 weeks old. He was spoiled from the beginning and I am pretty sure he had this figured out when we picked him up. It is said, "you have to train your poodle or your poodle will train you". Well, I think you can guess which way this went in our house. Because he is so cute he gets away with everything. His personality is priceless. The neighbors know where Watson lives, not where we live. They say hello to Watson, not us, when we walk by. People will literally stop their car, roll down their windows and say hi to him. So naturally he thinks cars are full of friends. He absolutely loves going anywhere in public because he thinks everyone is there to see him. The public has him trained well. His favorite thing in the world is one of his beefy treats and he will do absolutely anything to get one. When he is running through the house with a roll of toilet paper, sock or shoe our only recourse is one of his treats.

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