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Our beginning as foster parents

Our beginning as foster parents:

It all started years ago. My youngest was in high school, our house was getting quieter, we had more time on our hands, and the emptiness of our house was getting bigger and bigger.

Over the years, now and again, John and I would attend a fundraising banquet and hear a life changing testimony or attend an emotional Sunday sermon on how someone’s life was changed by a foster parent. Thoughts started rolling around in my head about becoming a foster parent. These were fleeting thoughts at the time. A couple months would go by and I wouldn’t even think about it. As my youngest got closer to graduation I thought more about it, didn’t do anything, but kept an open mind and pray. A year or so went by and I would discuss it with John and then it would die down again. One night there was a commercial on TV about fostering children and we said “why aren’t we doing this”? The next morning we got up and got the ball rolling. Finally after years of prayer we responded to God’s call.

I texted an old friend that I knew was a foster mom and she pointed me in the right direction. Since we were interested in fostering teenagers she put me in touch with one of her friends that also fostered teens. I contacted her friend that put me in touch with an agency that works with the state. Two days later, we started the process.

We have now completed our state courses, all of our interviews and home study. We are almost there.

If you know that a child is being neglected or abused please call (877) 237-0004.

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